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El Funeral de la Luna de Fresas y la Procesión del Trueno Collective Performance

Corazón que es un cementerio interno Todos los días se va a un entierro All hearts are internal burial ground for the bullshit on the ground

Performance of Mysterious Nostalgia, created and directed by Saul Ramos Espola

FRINGE FESTIVAL PROVIDENCE July 24th, 2014 University of Rhode Island PAFF Auditorium Picture by Gan Drak                                         Last two pictures courtesy of Marleny Luna

Stand with the victims of war and violence. This time for Gaza.

It is heartbreaking to see what is happening in the world.  I will be joining this protest as a parent, my heart goes out to all the families around the world who have lost their loved ones at the hands of war and injustice.  We stand in solidarity with you, whatever you are.    "One love"                                                 photo source: Sophie Giulia's Facebook "Join the world in protest of the massacre in Gaza and stand in solidarity with Palestine in the face of civilian murders." When: Saturday, July 19th at noon Where: Burnside Park (near Kennedy Plaza) Who: All are welcome

The ESL Diaries: Journal Entry 1992

My mom keeps walking back and forth in front of my door, I know it's just a matter of time before she walks in here and asks me to lower the radio.  I can't take it anymore, sometimes I wish I could disappear into another world.  Wait. Yeah, she did.  Can you believe her? She thinks I joined a cult.  She saw my Master of Puppets tape and freaked out over the cover: "¿Y to' esa cruces?" she asked, horrified at the cross display. She went on about how people shouldn't play with religious things.  Right after that, she warned me about using drugs. Whatever.  I didn't say much because after all she is letting me go to the Guns n Roses, Faith No More and yes!! Metallica concert this month. I'm going to die, I'm soo happy. I worked all day at a pharmacy doing inventory to pay for the ticket.  After doing that, I know of thing for sure, I would never be doing inventory again, all you do is count, I fucking hate math.   YES!!! I JUST SAW METALLICA!! 

El Funeral de la Luna de fresas y la procesión del trueno

                                          Part of a poster by Carl Dunn                            background painting EL Velorio by Francisco Oller J                                                         July 26, 2014                                                               7:00 pm 95 Empire Street Providence Black Box Theatre $3.00 if you are wearing funeral attire $5.00 for the world Featuring 32 artist of all different planets h ttps://