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Cento: A Collage of Providence Literary Voices.

Wednesday May 28, 2014 8:00 p.m. In the Psychic Readings space at: 95 Empire. Providence, RI Featuring readers: Rose Jermusyk Bert Crenca Brian Folan Jason Curzake Sussy Santana Shey Rivera John Bonanni Artist in Residence John Bonanni will present works of erasure poetry based from seed texts of Ted Hughes interviews and works of collage poetry from the seed text of the DSM-V.

La Gallera de flores y leche @ AS220. Domingo 18 de mayo a las 6:00 p.m.

/// a.k.a. The Fluxus Cockfight /// This is the third part of our Fluxus Cabaret series. About 12 artists from diverse mediums will perform under the context of the ritual of sport, inspired by Latin-American cockfights. This is a multi-genre, collective performance.  May's full moon is known as the Flower Moon and t he Milk Moon. This collective performance is inspired by Roberto Fabelo's Roosters, cockfights, blood sport, boxing, Caribbean cultures, Santeria and religious syncretism, flowers, milk, and tropical bird plumage. Admission: $5 for the world. $3 for people wearing a red or green mask or any sort of plumage. Feathers feathers feathers! Sunday, May 18 at 6:00pm 95 Empire Street, Providence                           El altar de mi juventud: Exploring rituals of childhood memories

May Day/Todo Bajo Control at Villa Victoria Center for the Arts, Boston

                                                     Villa Victoria Center for the Arts                                                                       By Zo. E. Ling                                                                                 Benjamin Lundberg                                                                    Cori Spencer                                                                        Ian Deleón                                                                     Resist the Raids                                                                   Maryann Colella                                                                 Islands: The Dying Room