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How do you pronounce your name?

  When my dad named me, in a small hospital room in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, he probably never thought that one day I would leave the island to come live in the United States. Where ninety percent of the people I would meet, mispronounce my name. Don’t get me wrong, I know how my name is spelled (Sussy) but I also know how it is pronounced (like Susie or Suzy). This might sound crazy to some, but it really is a simple as that. My history didn’t start when I arrived in  the United States, my history traveled with me. From what I know, my dad was gifted a translated booklet of an old musical composition call Sussex Carol, he thought this was a fancy name, so he replaced the letters ex with a y. Sussy Carol Santana Villamán, that is my name. It is pronounced like Susy or Suzy because I was born and raise in the DR and that is how it is pronounced in Spanish. I didn’t learn to speak English until I was fifteen and up until that point, I was Sussy (you guessed it, like Susie or Su