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The Barrick Gold Check List

Destroy Glaciers: Checked Pollute Pueblo Viejo: Checked Fuck Tanzania: Checked Kill miners in Nevada: Checked Testify before Canadian Parliament: Checked Wipe their ass with the world: Checked

The Rima Game

Gallina-Gelatina Come solo-Engaña bobos Presidente-Indecente Universal-Vanal Pancarta Trascendental Dónde vamos a parar? Simbolismo elemental tragedia universal apariencia angelical no te dejes engañar Pueblo sazonado fragmentado ornamentado por políticos guisado vende patria credit card cash fundamental no te dejes engañar.


Why did I drink that coffee? Some people say that if you drink coffee after it boils te da la gota. Man, qué dolor!

Flat Date

A bad state of mind one day to change a life hours of replay before my eyes Death-rape-loathing days preso bomba rosario crónico delito atómico Two girls died today Are you awake? Tristeza conspiración simple assault posesión A walking warrant a crime on hold teleasesino arrepentido de corazón? Two girls died today Are you awake? Death-rape-loathing days still waiting for my flat date.