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Divine Justice

Astral, is a confessional piece I shared last year in front of “The Wings”, a paper installation made by Helen Santana”;   as part of the Luna Loba Performance series, curated by Shey Rivera.   It has since morphed into an exploration of the concept of Divine Justice.   I come from a family of intensely creative women whose faith is unwavering.   I have often being caught in the intersection of faith and art.   Art as a way of healing and traveling through the dark times I have faced.   From the conception, the work of the artist starts with an idea so deeply rooted in our creative self, that only we can see it and believe in it. In that respect, to me, every work of art is a work of faith. The artist then becomes an executor of faith.   This picture was taken by the brilliant photographer, and friend Giovanni Savino, whose work and passion for his craft, I deeply admire.   As Giovanni understands it “We are just two people, with a wooden camera between them, celebrating the myste