Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Todas las Fridas/All the Fridas Collective Reading June 2016 (Date and time to be announced)

Todas las Fridas/All the Fridas is a collective reading of Sussy Santana’s poem Mujer/Woman.

The poem is inspired by the iconoclast Frida Kahlo and celebrates the strength of women and sisterhood.  Although Frida lived in pain most of her life, she never stop creating.  Her revolutionary spirit and artistic vision has been and still is an inspiration for millions of people.

This will be a call out to women of all ages to honor Frida’s creative spirit by adding your own piece to this poem.  What does being a woman mean to you?

I ask that you join me by dressing up as Frida and collectively reading our poem.

The readers will stand together to form a column on the street, to represent Frida's fractured spine, and express an act of healing. The first 25 women who sign up for the performance will receive a hand-made, one of a kind, headpiece by artist Helen Santana. A pre-performance meeting will be held in May, for the group to get to know each other, rehearse the poem and celebrate sisterhood.

As I started researching Frida’s work for this project, I quickly realized other women had gotten together to celebrate Frida in a similar way. The idea of sisterhood took on a new meaning...

We all know a woman who embodies this fighting spirit, maybe you are that woman.  Let’s celebrate the women in our lives who make the ordinary, extraordinary!

If you are interested in participating email me at:  by May 20th 2016
If you are not in RI but would like to participate, gather your friends and family and send me a picture of all of you dress up and your poem, with your permission, I will share it on the FB page and on this blog!





Monday, February 8, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Canciones para abrir las puertas,
para que el mundo entre y se siente en mis piernas.
Sobre la mecedora te contaré un cuento con final feliz y podrás llorar libremente.
Verás mis faltas y yo también lloraré.
Las canciones seguiran sonando y un poema encenderá la casa.

Friday, January 1, 2016


Buenos días, la inmensidad es el aderezo de los sueños.
Hoy recuerdo mis conversaciones con Pedrin en la oficina de los surrealistas, su insistencia en que los poetas vamos a cambiar el mundo; me regala cuadros que tienen mi cara y que algún día darán miedo a alguien como yo.
 ¿Qué hago yo conmigo?
Con la guerra que da mi boca y con esa bandera blanca que es mi corazón.
El camino es de espadas y flores. Esas palabras que cruzaron la meta para colapsar sobre el silencio de las que quedaron atras.
A pesar de todo ya no estoy ansiosa, mis manos acariciaron al sol pero estas cenizas siguen mostrándome el camino.