Monday, May 25, 2020

Panel: Encuentro de Saberes Ancestrales

En el marco del Mes de la Herencia Africana
Buenaventura - Valle - Colombia
Nos invita a:

Saturday, March 14, 2020


La primavera llegaba,
Se escuchaban las protestas
En medio de la esperanza, apareció la pandemia.
Los puños se vuelven palmas,
Entre jabón y agua fresca
Pero nunca desaparece el poder de una mano abierta

La gente se recogía,
Cerraban ventanas y puertas
pero desde los balcones la música hacía su fiesta

Debemos de distanciarnos dicen los comunicadores,
no contaban con la astucia de artistas y soñadores
No caigamos en el pánico de la distancia social
Que para amarnos y cuidarnos no nos tenemos que abrazar

Y todo se desarrolla cerca de las elecciones,
A la hora de votar,
Recordemos sus acciones

Inventemos nuevas formas de demostramos amor
¡Que ayudarnos unos a otros es la mayor revolución!


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

New poster print!

Pelo Bueno, was listed on this awesome poster by @thedesigningchica. Thanks @dominicanwriters for including my book!

Monday, February 10, 2020

Luna Loba at The Wilbury Theatre

LUNA LOBA: Moons of Abundance part 1

"LUNA LOBA is a performance series that creates space to explore ritual through artistic practice. Performance art, video, spoken word/readings, sound/music, and performative installation.

This series has been running for three consecutive years in Providence, RI, since 2016, with a hiatus in 2019. Each night features 12 artists across mediums and identities.

The theme of these two next performance nights is ABUNDANCE. Let's reflect on the powers we have, rather than what we feel we might lack. Let’s embody the shift from deficit to abundance." Curated by Shey Rivera

Part 1 // Sun, Feb 16
Part 2 // Sun, Mar 15
Time: 7-9pm
Door: $5

The Wilbury Theatre Group
40 Sonoma Ct, Providence, RI 02909

Part 1 // Sun, Feb 16 // Artist Line up:
Sussy Santana
Janaya Kizzie
Joan Wyand
Lilly Evelet Manycolors
Shey Rivera Ríos
Juditta Musette
Kali Quinn
Vatic Kuumba
Lilliam Nieves
Justice Gaines
Charlotte Abotsi
Jasmine Dreame Wagner

Part 2: FB Event Page:

Poster/Design by Andrea Pérez Bessin (Saint Hammer Press). Printed on letterpress by Jacque Bidon, at AS220 Printshop.

Excited to be a part of this new initiative!

"The City of Providence has awarded five artists to participate in a new pilot training in Artist Facilitation and Community Health Work followed by a three-month residency in a community based organization. Co-led by Providence’s Department of Art, Culture + Tourism (ACT) and Healthy Communities Office, the Creative Community Health Worker Fellowship provides 70 hours of training under Dr. Dannie Ritchie, Director of Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island and three Artist-Facilitators, Laura Brown-LavoieVatic Kuumba and Valerie Tutson. This pilot program is designed to support artists to become RI certified Community Health Workers, expanding the impact of the arts on addressing social determinants of health. This fellowship is an extension of the City’s Sowing Place Initiative, generously funded by the Kresge Foundation."

Selected Cohort:

Anthony “AM” Andrade
Magnolia Pérez
Satta Jallah
Sussy Santana