En Between

Ya recogiste los zapatos.
-I did.
Dónde están los papeles que mandaron de la escuela?
On the table. Can I go outside to play?
Ya hiciste la tarea.
-I'm on it.
Cuando acabes la tarea puedes ir.
_Oh my God! I forgot to call Jenny. She wants to have a playdate Saturday.
El sábado no. Acuerdate que vamos a NY.
_Again? I want to stay.
Tienes hambre?
A little, can you make some smash plátano con salami?


Helen Duffy said…
Love this bilingual style! Especially poignant that in the end the mother responds in English with "ok".

Could this be in response to her daughter's mixed-language request, as a reward to her daughter for at least some Spanish? Or is it that the mother acquiesces, finally, to the pressure of the English that is bearing down on her?

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