Tuesday, April 28, 2009

En Between

Ya recogiste los zapatos.
-I did.
Dónde están los papeles que mandaron de la escuela?
On the table. Can I go outside to play?
Ya hiciste la tarea.
-I'm on it.
Cuando acabes la tarea puedes ir.
_Oh my God! I forgot to call Jenny. She wants to have a playdate Saturday.
El sábado no. Acuerdate que vamos a NY.
_Again? I want to stay.
Tienes hambre?
A little, can you make some smash plátano con salami?

1 comment:

Helen Duffy said...

Love this bilingual style! Especially poignant that in the end the mother responds in English with "ok".

Could this be in response to her daughter's mixed-language request, as a reward to her daughter for at least some Spanish? Or is it that the mother acquiesces, finally, to the pressure of the English that is bearing down on her?