Luna Loba Performance November 25, 2018

"Rituals of transformation on the Full Moon
Sound, video, voice, body, spoken word, installation, dance performance.

For this upcoming Luna Loba, we are invited to reflect on the moments in which we've been in danger, under attack, in grief; and how we've harnessed the power and strength to win the battle. To rise strong. The theme of this LUNA LOBA is VICTORY. Lets speak it into existence." 

Themes: victory, battle, healing, power, justice, courage, regenerating, light.

We've got two upcoming performance nights:

Luna Loba IX: Victory part 1 // Sun, Nov 25
Luna Loba X: Victory part 2 // Sun, Dec 16

Sun, Nov 25 // Artists:

Andrea Abi-Karam
Carol Scavotto
Corinne Wahlberg
Eli Nixon
Elizabeth Keiser
Helen Santana
K. Funmilayo Aileru
Sasha Constanza-Chock
Seth Tourjee
Shey Rivera
Stacey Tran
Sussy Santana
Yara Liceaga



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