Headlines, performance text (Drumming circle )

Come people of the drum, come, come, come
Come people of the drum, come
Qué se levante la gente que abre el corazón cuando escucha el sonido del tambor!
Come people of the drum, come
Hear the calling of those who came before,
Come people of the drum, come
I've been so overwhelmed with all these news I've heard,
all I can say is: My heart is open, let's join forces.
I know that there is turmoil before our eyes;
we have been classified:
black, white, religious...
There seems to be a reversing of the minds.
I'm asking that we RE VERSE, please.
Peace stanzas for this Raza, the human race.         
Let us see the day when we don't have to be afraid of each other based on what we've heard.
Let us undress ourselves of fear,
Get rid of these half smiles that have been passed down, let us laugh out loud. Choose love in the midst of chaos.


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