Working overtime not with my kids but for my kids
So they can get those fancy things I never had
Working overtime at the factory
Gluing earrings to decorate selective hearings
Microwaving my dreams from 6 to 10
Wishing dollars grew out of my arroz con coco I was promised

Working overtime to spend a week swimming in gold
At the all inclusive Bávaro-Something
Waving my drink at las sexy bailarinas
Inciting one more yola trip to Puerto Rico
Ay! Bendito!
Working overtime to watch my telenovelas
Going to the bank to realize that casi everything is translated
For my convenience
The Government must really love me!

Working overtime to bring back palito de coco for my co-worker
Only to see him cortandome los ojos because se le subió el Padrejón
Malagradecio abombao deguabinao
My mother told me que no me juntara con degraciao

Working overtime to remember that in twenty years I will be in Jarabacoa
Cogiendo freco en una hamaca
And this will all be a nightmare al estilo de Freddy Krueger or Uncle Sam
Que no es lo mismo pero es igual

Working overtime to pay my bills
Working overtime to largarme de aquí
Working overtime to realized that 20 years have passed me by.


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