Monday, January 24, 2011


I live in America now and my eyes have opened to my history of slaves and sugar cane
To the black in my skin that I thought stained
Oh! What a great discovery
My hair is not cursed but blessed by waves
No! No se puede contener
No! I can not be defined by a single term
No! I can't be contained when I hear a bachata aunque al bailarla me tachen de barata
No! I can't explain what's so great about mangú
I just know that I crave it
And I eat it like I eat my dreams and it fills me the same way

Oh! But what a discovery
Now I know about Los Congos
Now I know about Liborio
Now I know that is okay to be myself
Y no identidad contenida en rolos

Oh! But what a great discovery
If Columbus could see me now
Con el negro sublevao
Amasa negra la masa
I don’t want to be contained
I can not be defined by a single term

I live in America now
and I know sarambabí isn't what it used to be
Oh! but what a great discovery
to know that there are millions like me
living a dual reality
suspended entre yes y sí
Oh! But what a great discovery
to know that my thoughts are multiply
the second the enter my mind
For English press 2
like my reality
like my duality
What a great discovery!


Unknown said...

I can't stop reading this poem..I just love it!! you are genious!!

YYB said...

I LOVE this poem Sussy...and best of all, since you recorded it, I get to read it and hear your voice and passion at the same time in my mind. Thank you.

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