El Espía

No le gusta que la miren, especialmente cuando se está afeitando.
I'm loving this new jabón de cuaba, feeling so fresh and clean,
my Mom would be proud of me. Have you ever used it?
Really? You should get it girl! They sell it en la tienda de a peso.
Tampoco le gusta que escuchen sus conversaciones y siempre aparenta más cool de lo que es.
If you want I can pick it up for you. Specially now that you have a date girl, you should use it.
By the way, I got to do something about this hair of mine, is all over the place and tomorrow is the quinceañera, can't go like that, you know that.
You going right?
La otra no va pero no se lo dice porque tiene miedo de caer en su lengua.
You want me to pick you up? 'cause I can, I just tell Vic to get you after he picks me up.
What? you gotta go? Well, call me later.
Por fin! la tenía loca.


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