It Smells of New York

The suitcase arrived yesterday
over-stuffed and brimming with Hershey Kisses and colored pencils
Happiness arrived yesterday wearing a flannel sweatshirt
I Love NY
Yesterday, love returned

Yesterday also brought with it the aunt
or grandmother, the brother,
the brother -in -law, the friend,
the neighbor,
and a loneliness burdened with:
a new backpack,
I Love NY
Juan's sneakers
and those white bras "Made in the Dominican Republic"
I Love NY
Tania's perfume
I Love NY
and the olive oil that must bear the Figaro brand name
I Love NY

Yesterday she squeezed her last dime so she could arrive here with an over- stuffed suitcase
Yesterday she brought with her the seeds which are grown in the Canal de la Mona
Yesterday she refrained from declaring that dreams are bought on lay-away
Yesterday, flush with happiness, she held her tongue--
refrained from declaring that dreams are paid for with hard cash and overtime
just the day before
had returned deceived

written by Sussy Santana
translated by Steven Tegu


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