The Mask

  I got pregnant for the first time when I was 21 years old.   I was not married, I had no job, and it was clear from the beginning that I was going to be a single parent.   As crazy as that might sound, I knew I wanted to have the baby.   I knew I could raise this child with love and purpose.   I started working and, by the time Luna was six, I had found love again.   The second time I became pregnant I was 28; this time, I was beside myself with happiness.   We bought a house, got married, and we took our time making a beautiful nursery for Lia.   The third time I got pregnant I was 41. I had a good job, a stable family, tons of support, except this time, I was not happy.   Everything about my body felt wrong.   The year before, I had been hospitalized because of a blood clot in my lung, so now I had to inject daily blood thinners to prevent a reoccurrence during gestation.  Being over 40 meant going to a high-risk clinic. I was miserable.  I thought about having an abortion, but t

Inner Child Nation


Excited to be hosting Funda Fest's Words & Music, with Marlon Carey for the third year in a row! Sunday January 23rd, 2022 SATURDAY JAN. 22ND 2PM & 8PM International Family Storytelling Concert 2-4pm Derek Burrows–Bahamas Rita Cox–Trinidad Paul Keens Douglass–Trinidad Antonio Rocha – Brazil Evening Storytelling Concert 8-10pm Kala Jojo Kufa Castro: Dominican Republic more to come SUNDAY JAN. 23RD 3-5PM Words and Music MCs: Sussy Santana & Marlon Carey Rudy Cabrera Big Lux Ashley Firth Lawrence’s Group THURSDAY JAN. 27TH 6-8PM Community Flavors:  Table Hosts: Haus of Glitter FRIDAY JAN. 28TH 6-8PM LIAR’s Contest SATURDAY JAN. 29TH 10AM -10PM Workshop 10-11:15AM Info coming soon Youth Concert  11:30-12:30PM MC:  V. Raffini Constance Selamani Appoline Leonte Michado Mauwa Emilio Pichardo Logan Fausto Family Storytelling 2PM-3:30PM Eshu Bumpus Mama Koku More to Come Grown Folks 8PM-10PM Chetter Galloway More to Come SUNDAY JAN. 30TH 3PM-5PM Sacred Storytelling  Maria Broom Masankho Banda More to Come

Excited to be Artist in Residence at Butler Hospital

  "Re-Emerge and Renew: Artist Residencies for Staff Wellness  at Butler Hospital, Providence, provides the staff (including front-line nurses, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative staff) an opportunity to engage in arts programming. Resident artists, including poet Sussy Santana, storyteller Valerie Tutson, illustrator/cartoonist Walker Mettling, violist Ashley Frith of Community MusicWorks and Haus of Glitter dance troupe, will offer drop-in art making opportunities during staff availability." Thank you RISCA!  Wendy Grossman

2021 Recap/Resumen!


PVD Tree Plan Kick-Off



A group of 20+ artists, residents, and community organizers came together to take part in MoralDocs, each adding our own unique elements to bring to life stories from residents, creating a vision of a more just future where public safety equals public health.  More info here: