Día de los Muertos Celebration at North Burial Ground with Rhode Island Latino Arts (RILA)

Celebration of Día de los Muertos at North Burial Ground. I had a lovely time hosting a memory table for RILA's Day of the Dead celebration. I invited guests to write a memory of a loved one to be shared with the group. When we tell the stories of those who have passed on, we keep their memories alive. Death is the beginning of a new spiritual relationship. Pictures by Don Mays (thank you!) Memories shared will be on display a RILA in Central Falls 

Happy to be a part of Sidewalk Tattoos Public Art Project!

                                                                                                              So excited to have one of my poems selected for the Sidewalk Tattoo Project! This public art project will stamp 30 poems across city sidewalks. Thank you to the Art in the City Life Commission and Arts, Culture & Tourism for all their work! Feliz de que uno de mis poemas haya sido seleccionado en el proyecto Sidewalk Tattoo, un proyecto de arte público. Treinta poemas de diferentes autores serán estampados en las aceras de la ciudad de Providence. picture: ACT


  Performing on September 27th, RI College Rain Harvest Festival October 15, at Roger Williams Park  New Adventures:  ¡Tenemos  un podcast! Escúchanos en este link:  Entre Identidades I got a scholarship to attend the Creating Healthy Communities Convening in Orlando! "The convening will engage people working at the intersection of the arts, public health, and community development." Grateful to be a part of God Talks to An Agnostic, written and directed by Don Mays. A twelve-part audio play exploring the impact of religion on race, Black culture and a collective need for faith in something larger than ourselves. presented by The Wilbury Theatre Group, in collaboration with Afri Productions, The Public's Radio and the Brown Arts Institute. Tune in here:  God Talks to An Agnostic  

The Mask

  I got pregnant for the first time when I was 21 years old.   I was not married, I had no job, and it was clear from the beginning that I was going to be a single parent.   As crazy as that might sound, I knew I wanted to have the baby.   I knew I could raise this child with love and purpose.   I started working and, by the time Luna was six, I had found love again.   The second time I became pregnant I was 28; this time, I was beside myself with happiness.   We bought a house, got married, and we took our time making a beautiful nursery for Lia.   The third time I got pregnant I was 41. I had a good job, a stable family, tons of support, except this time, I was not happy.   Everything about my body felt wrong.   The year before, I had been hospitalized because of a blood clot in my lung, so now I had to inject daily blood thinners to prevent a reoccurrence during gestation.  Being over 40 meant going to a high-risk clinic. I was miserable.  I thought about having an abortion, but t

Inner Child Nation


Excited to be hosting Funda Fest's Words & Music, with Marlon Carey for the third year in a row! Sunday January 23rd, 2022 SATURDAY JAN. 22ND 2PM & 8PM International Family Storytelling Concert 2-4pm Derek Burrows–Bahamas Rita Cox–Trinidad Paul Keens Douglass–Trinidad Antonio Rocha – Brazil Evening Storytelling Concert 8-10pm Kala Jojo Kufa Castro: Dominican Republic more to come SUNDAY JAN. 23RD 3-5PM Words and Music MCs: Sussy Santana & Marlon Carey Rudy Cabrera Big Lux Ashley Firth Lawrence’s Group THURSDAY JAN. 27TH 6-8PM Community Flavors:  Table Hosts: Haus of Glitter FRIDAY JAN. 28TH 6-8PM LIAR’s Contest SATURDAY JAN. 29TH 10AM -10PM Workshop 10-11:15AM Info coming soon Youth Concert  11:30-12:30PM MC:  V. Raffini Constance Selamani Appoline Leonte Michado Mauwa Emilio Pichardo Logan Fausto Family Storytelling 2PM-3:30PM Eshu Bumpus Mama Koku More to Come Grown Folks 8PM-10PM Chetter Galloway More to Come SUNDAY JAN. 30TH 3PM-5PM Sacred Storytelling  Maria Broom Masankho Banda More to Come

Excited to be Artist in Residence at Butler Hospital

  "Re-Emerge and Renew: Artist Residencies for Staff Wellness  at Butler Hospital, Providence, provides the staff (including front-line nurses, housekeeping, maintenance and administrative staff) an opportunity to engage in arts programming. Resident artists, including poet Sussy Santana, storyteller Valerie Tutson, illustrator/cartoonist Walker Mettling, violist Ashley Frith of Community MusicWorks and Haus of Glitter dance troupe, will offer drop-in art making opportunities during staff availability." Thank you RISCA!  Wendy Grossman