A group of 20+ artists, residents, and community organizers came together to take part in MoralDocs, each adding our own unique elements to bring to life stories from residents, creating a vision of a more just future where public safety equals public health.  More info here:

The People's Creative Workshop

People’s Creative Workshop: Connecting To The Creative Self July 17 @ 9:00 am  -  11:00 am In this workshop we learn tools to connect to our creative self, using prompts and a journal to write poetry, thoughts and responses. We will provide journals and pens and you will receive prompts and exercises to awaken the creative self, with a focus on gratitude. There is a lot to celebrate for being able to be in community again. Your journal is a live document, it is a reflection of your observations and point of view and will assist you in honoring your creative practice. Registration is required in advance!   All are welcome. Minors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Registration fee can be waived upon request by  emailing the Roger Williams Park Conservancy.

Pageant for Providence is live now! Sign up for a tour. THE DETAILS "A s we lived through the events of the past year, we sought to make an experience that would give space for mourning, for protest, to scream at the sky, and to hope for the future. A piece that would offer, if not closure, something like catharsis. A piece made of by and for the people of Providence, Rhode Island."

A Soft Fire Art & Healing Creative Sessions

" This summer, artists Shey Rivera Ríos and Sussy Santana collaborate with SISTA Fire members in a creative process called A Soft Fire. We are gathering biweekly in-person for working sessions, A Soft Fire puts art into practice as a vessel for healing and community organizing. A Soft Fire will culminate as a collaborative, community art project with and by SISTA Fire members in the fall. If you're a SISTA Fire member and have not registered, please see the link below."

Our Lady of Water

Rain Harvest Arts Festival at Roger Williams Park  I will be performing at the Rain Harvest Water Festival.  June 12th, 2021, 2:00pm-6:00pm                                                       photos: Holly Ewald  "The  Rain Harvest Arts Festival  at  Roger Williams Park’s Stormwater Innovation Center  is a community celebration of the City of Providence’s investment in over 40 projects to clean polluted stormwater runoff before it enters the Park’s ponds. Visual and performance artists and environmental scientists from Rhode Island share their inspirations and engage the public in learning about stormwater and water quality."  Join us on  June 12th, 2021, 2:00pm-6:00pm More Info here:

Core Renewal